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Kids Birthday Surprise!

ALL NEW- Season 3- It’s time for a birthday party! And we are celebrating Katie’s nephew’s birthday with a kid friendly menu perfect for any celebration. The kid friendly menu includes: Deep dish mini pizzas; personalized quesadillas; creamy mac & cheese cups with a secret ingredient…...


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Tuesdays @ 2pm/ET & 9pm/ET
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Breakfast for Dinner!

October 26, 2021

ALL NEW- Season 3- Who doesn’t love breakfast for dinner?! Katie’s husband, Sean, joins her in the kitchen for his favorite meal of the day. The breakfast menu includes: Fluffy & golden sheet pan pancakes; clean eating chocolate cake donuts; hash brown egg nests and… a clean eating orange cream cooler.

Breakfast for dinner is a win for even the pickiest eater!

A Trip Around the World- with food!

November 2, 2021

ALL NEW- Season 3- Traveling around the world is wonderful experience but exploring it through food is even better. Katie and her mom, Kris, dive into a list of recipes to travel the world through food! The menu includes: Curry Chicken Salad placed on a bed of apples is a perfect blend of flavors with just a hint of spice; gluten free packed with protein Thai Quinoa Bowls; the crockpot comes through with Clean Eating Greek Gyro’s; and it wouldn’t be a trip around the world without pasta with this easy Italian inspired Chicken mozzarella dish featuring sun-dried tomato sauce.

We are traveling the world through food! 

Going Meatless!

November 9, 2021