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Back to School Dashing Dish Style!

ALL NEW- Season 3- Do you struggle to know what to pack in those school lunches? It’s back to school time and we are prepping lunch on the go! Chicken poppers packed with zucchini to sneak in those veggies for the picky eater; crispy sweet potato fries filled with vitamins and minerals...


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Tuesdays @ 2pm/ET & 9pm/ET
and Saturdays @ 11am/ET

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Grilling Favorites!

September 21, 2021

ALL NEW- Season 3- It’s all about grilling favorites with a healthy spin! Katie's husband, Sean, joins her in the kitchen as they make: Cheesy Burgers with homemade ranch sauce; Pesto Shrimp Grilled skewers are sure to please. Crispy and packed with flavor grilled potatoes for a perfect side. AND… for dessert? Grilled sweet apple packets.

It’s time to break out the grill with these Dashing Dish favorites!

A day in the life of Katie…

September 28, 2021

ALL NEW- Season 3- How can we enjoy food and maintain a healthy lifestyle? We are getting a sneak peek into Katie’s daily routine where she will share a few of her personal favorites to prove you can still feel great all while enjoying your go to meals.

The menu includes: Yummy filling oat cookies to start the day. A cauliflower pizza bake making a delicious and filling lunch. Baked jalapeno chicken with a squash and tomato bake for dinner and… rich and creamy hot cocoa to round out the day for dessert.

Healthy, satisfied and delicious on Dashing Dish!

Date Night IN!

October 5, 2021

ALL NEW- Season 3- Want to impress with a date night IN menu? Katie has all the recipes that will be sure to please- even, Sean, the her picky eating husband!

Let’s start with Sean's favorite, traditional pizza WITH a cauliflower crust; if you want Chinese let's try:  Clean eating low carb Chicken Fried Rice with a special Yum Yum sauce; Or how about some pasta: Skinny Cajun Chicken Pasta topped with creamy Alfredo sauce; AND… we can't leave out a sweet treat: a grain free, gluten free chocolate cheesecake for dessert.

Getting out for a date night is so important but isn’t always possible. Why not plan for a date night IN with a delicious meal?