Katie’s Story

ALL NEW- Season 3- Join us as Katie shares her personal struggle with eating disorders and how God turned ashes into beauty not only through healing but the birthing Dashing Dish! We will enjoy the very first recipes of Dashing Dish with decadent Triple Chocolate Chunk Muffins; juicy and crisp Honey Nut Cheerio Chicken with everything cauliflower; noodle free lasagna; and for dessert… chocolate covered yogurt.

The very first Dashing Dish recipes coming up!

The recipes from this program are available at dashingdish.com. Start your free two week trial today using code CTVN at checkout.

With thousands of delicious, clean-eating recipes, hundreds of easy to follow workouts, plus, a
custom grocery list & meal planning tools, there’s plenty to love about the Dashing Dish Membership.

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