Back to School Dashing Dish Style!

ALL NEW- Season 3- Do you struggle to know what to pack in those school lunches? It’s back to school time and we are prepping lunch on the go! Chicken poppers packed with zucchini to sneak in those veggies for the picky eater; crispy sweet potato fries filled with vitamins and minerals not to mention delicious and fun to eat; yummy gluten free animal crackers to bring you back to your childhood. AND… PB&J pancakes to start that back to school day off right!

We are prepping for Back to School on this episode of Dashing Dish!

It’s Christmas and it is time to party- but- what to make? Katie and her sisters are sharing their favorite things!

The menu includes: Yummy crowd pleasing million dollar dip prepped and ready in 5 minutes; spicy and savory firecracker meatballs will make your taste buds explode; perfectly portioned skinny mini lasagnas just 110 calories with all the tradition flavors; and peanut butter cups cookies.

It’s Christmas on Dashing Dish!

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