‘Dashing Dish’ Debuts on Cornerstone Television Network — Tuesday, October 8th

Crystal Bynum
Communications Department

New program blends delicious food with clean eating!

Wall, PA – Cookingsegment host Katie Farrell is scheduled to break out of Cornerstone Television’s “Real Life” segment slot into a full “Dashing Dish” television program this fall.  “Dashing Dish” — now a 30-minute show — will premiere October 8, 2019, at 2 PM & 9 PM/ET, on Cornerstone Television Network.  As an author, registered nurse, wife, and mom (to the two pickiest eaters on the planet), Katie will host the Tuesday programs with a focus on tasty recipes, clean eating, and faith.  Viewers will discover Katie’s secrets on how to make healthy living easy, enjoyable, and maintainable for life.

Many people say eating healthy is bland and boring, but Katie reveals a better way with wholesome, simple recipes.   Plus, all of Katie’s dishes are stamped with her family’s seal of approval. 

Producer Robin Heiple shared, “When I first met Katie, during our ‘Dashing Dish’ segments, recorded at Cornerstone’s studios three years ago, I never dreamed we could develop a show that not only incorporates clean eating recipes, but also shares the heart and soul of Katie Farrell.  She is the real deal, and we intend to show just that on ‘Dashing Dish.’  ‘Dashing Dish’ will have great clean eating recipes, but also show a slice of a busy mom’s life.  I am so excited for our audience to get cooking with Katie.”

Executive Producer Dave Tucker adds, “The decision to take the ‘Dashing Dish’ segment into a full half-hour program was driven by the fact that food lifestyle shows are very popular.  We saw that Katie Farrell has a great brand and could hold a viewer’s attention with her clean eating style … Since Cornerstone TV has a rich legacy of producing the ‘At Home’ series with Arlene Williams (which we will continue to air!), we were looking to produce a new cooking show for the audience.  The Lord brought Katie to CTVN for just that purpose.”

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